Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SlitherMUD 3D

I created a blog for this project so it can be aggregated on Planet MUD-Dev. I'll update this as I go. Here's the project summary:

Hi everyone!

I'll be doing a school-related project over the summer, and I thought some of you guys might be interested in following along, so I thought I'd keep a development journal.

About me:
I'm Kuros. I wrote SlitherMUD, but that project is dead, and I haven't done any MUD coding in years. I'm currently a junior in college, studying Spanish and Comp Sci.

The project:
This project (temporarily named SlitherMUD 3D) is a 3D, coordinate based simulation (that could be extended to be a game fairly easily).

The main areas of focus are:
- 3D movement
- Line of Sight
- Dynamic description generation for objects on people that account for things like distance, how obscured it is, viewing angle, etc
- Collision detection

Areas I want to tinker with if time allows:
- Some form of AI for mobs. I know very little about this area and would love to play GAs or NNs or something.
- Area generation via BMP
- Procedural area generation
- Testing the feasability of making a 3D client. But, I know very little about 3D coding.
- Probably more as time goes on

While I do not intend to start out making a game, depending on how it goes and how much time the basics take, I might get into that and add other features.

My language will be...can anyone guess? =) Python!!
MySQL backend

I've got a good portion of a design doc done, which I am going to post below in chunks. If anyone has any thoughts on any part of it, suggestions, etc, feel free. I will be open sourcing the basic part of the engine for anyone to use.

The client:
The client is going to be any old MUD client. If things go well and I have enough time, I might play with creating a custom client, or possibly a 3D client using Panda3D. It would be cool to let users choose a text based experience or a graphical one. But, since I have zero 3D skills, it would end up looking like Minecraft...


I have until about August 15th for this, and then I'm off to Spain for a semester for study abroad, and doubt I'll have time to work on it there. I have already done a bit of coding, but will begin in earnest after next week (finals, yay!).

Design specifics incoming!

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